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Why Didn’t I Learn Any of This in School: WGN’s Underground and My Lacking Slavery Education

Though I live for period pieces, I honestly don’t really like watching slave narratives (not that there are that many to choose from). So when I saw the first advertisements for Underground on WGN America, I was skeptical. I mean of course I was going to watch it, not only was the subject matter important, but we got to see Black people at the center of their own narratives. I started the first episode with both excitement and apprehension. I was immediately hooked. Though there have only been two episodes, I am confident that the show will continue to be riveting. Throughout both hours I’ve watched so far, one thought has been niggling at the back of my head: why the fuck didn’t I learn about this in school? Continue reading

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List of Tone Deaf White People Adds Jimmy Kimmel to the Ranks

Now I’ve never been a die-hard late night fan.  In fact, the only late night show host I stan for is John Oliver (Samantha Bee soon to be added to this list).  To me late night was always celebrity press tours and average looking White men being mildly amusing.  Since I’m not a normal viewer, I rely on Twitter Black Twitter to notify me if something worthwhile goes down.  Black Twitter never disappoints.

Hollywood has recently come under fire (again) for its lack of diversity in this years Oscar nominations spawning the return of the brilliant #OscarsSoWhite.  All this talk of opportunity, equity, and diversity didn’t sit quite right with Jimmy Kimmel.  He used his ample platform to mock the controversy, not to mock the Academy and their tendency to dismiss Black artistry, but to mock Blackness.  Continue reading

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“Couldn’t See Me as Spiderman, but Now I’m Spitting Venom”


The Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA recently released their report on diversity in Hollywood. Their findings illustrate that Hollywood is still contending with large racial and gender disparities in everything from acting, to directing, to studio heads. In fact, even though we are seeing greater representation of characters of color and women on screen, these characters are still very likely to be written and directed by white men. These trends are further exacerbated in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and superhero films. However, recent news From Marvel Comics has many believing this is soon to change.

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