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LEMONADE Sipping, Hair Flipping, Eyebrow Icon, and all around Goddess Zendaya is Our New Mary Jane in #SpidermanHomecoming

It’s no secret that I am exhausted by reboots.  However, sometimes remaking a beloved film and refashioning it for our particular cultural moment can provide opportunities for marginalized groups to have access to more nuanced stories, Ghostbusters being the perfect example.  When Marvel first dropped news that they had regained the rights to Spiderman, and were rebooting the film, I was ecstatic.  I thought this was our chance for Donald Glover or to see Peter Parker make way for Miles Morales.  My hope was of course crushed when it was announced that Spiderman would once again be a White boy with brown hair.  Tom Holland was able to melt some of the ice around my cold, cynical heart with his exuberant performance in the aggressively dull Captain America: Civil War.  However, nothing could have prepared my heart for this.

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Black Hair, Iris West, and Colorblindness on #TheFlash


It doesn’t matter what the meta-human of the week cooks up for #TeamFlash every week, we can count on flawless hair and a dope outfit from Iris West.  When I first heard the news that a Black woman was being cast as a main character in CW’s The Flash, I was elated.  When television shows want to focus on diversity and more equitable representation, they generally take the “Agent Carter Route”.  This means White women characters that kick ass, and a man of color (generally a Black man), which leaves us women of color out in the cold.  In fact, we see this same pattern on Arrow, The Flash’s broody, older step-brother*.  Overall, I’m incredibly impressed with The Flash; I formed a real attachment with all of the characters, except Eddie (the personification of the color beige).  However, through two seasons there is one thing that has been niggling in the back of my mind: when do the Wests get to be Black? Continue reading

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White People Please Explain: Your Problem with Racebending

michael b jordan


Slowly but surely our media is diversifying itself (or as Shonda would say normalizing). While this trend is largely positive, it isn’t without its many faults. Further, diversity on screen is nowhere near reflective of actual American demographics, and diversity behind screen… well let’s not even go there. One of the last genres to make real efforts to diversify content on screen has been the comic book/ superhero genre. However, in recent years Marvel has made efforts to re-imagine iconic heroes as people of color (known as race-bending), and it looks like there are some shifts coming to the big screen. Continue reading

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“Couldn’t See Me as Spiderman, but Now I’m Spitting Venom”


The Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA recently released their report on diversity in Hollywood. Their findings illustrate that Hollywood is still contending with large racial and gender disparities in everything from acting, to directing, to studio heads. In fact, even though we are seeing greater representation of characters of color and women on screen, these characters are still very likely to be written and directed by white men. These trends are further exacerbated in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and superhero films. However, recent news From Marvel Comics has many believing this is soon to change.

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On Why I Hate Ray Palmer


For those of you that have been watching Season 3 of Arrow, I’m sure you have formed an opinion on the show’s character Ray Palmer.  Many are charmed by his quirky brand of genius, but I am not fooled.  Ray Palmer is a misogynist, and a creepy one with no boundaries at that.

Let me explain:  Since his entrance into the show, Ray has continually engaged in behavior that we can’t just turn a blind eye to.  Ray Palmer has proven to be narcissistic, patronizing and honestly pretty creepy.

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