I’ve always been a pop culture fiend.  I can analyze Beyoncé with the best of them.  In college when I began studying Sociology, I realized that I was given the tools to engage with popular culture in an entirely new way.  Twitter and Facebook had been my primary tools to analyze pop culture through a critical, feminist lens until it occurred to me that there were other places to discuss the gender politics of Game of Thrones and the need for more Black cinema.  Thus, the blog was born.

When I started this blog a year ago, I didn’t really know what I was doing, just that I couldn’t top the feeling when I had finished a blog post.  Now that I’ve had time to reflect on this blog and its purpose, it’s time to ditch the impostor syndrome.  Too many great events in pop culture have passed me by while I’ve stressed about whether my work was good enough.  I don’t have time for that shit anymore.  More posts are coming polished or not.

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